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271 Green St, Lunenburg

271 Green St, Lunenburg

A lovely family home in New Town Lunenburg on a south facing lot, almost an acre in size. The rooms are bright and cheerful, and the layout is perfect for a family, with the parent's bedroom on the main level, and the children upstairs. The property has enjoyed numerous upgrades in the past few years. Starting with the basics - a new septic system in 2019, a renovated kitchen, with new floor, plumbing and insulation, and all new appliances, except for the stove. There is a fresh coat of paint throughout for a beach-house feel. The sunny side of the roof was re-shingled in 2020. Last but not least, there is a new, spacious back deck, overlooking the sloping land, which already features a small garden that could be extended to feed a family all season long. All this is walking and biking distance to downtown

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    Welcome to 271 Green St, Lunenburg, a property that will captivate your heart and inspire you to create lasting memories. This lovely family home, nestled in the charming community of New Town Lunenburg, offers a tranquil haven on a south-facing lot, spanning nearly an acre. From the moment you step inside, you'll be greeted by the warmth and comfort that only a true family home can provide.


    As you explore the interior, you'll immediately notice the abundant natural light that bathes the rooms, casting a cheerful ambiance throughout. The layout has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of a family, with the parent's bedroom conveniently located on the main level, ensuring privacy and a peaceful retreat. Upstairs, the children will have their own space to grow, play, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


    This property has undergone a series of upgrades in recent years, ensuring a modern and comfortable living experience. Starting with the essentials, a brand-new septic system was installed in 2019, providing peace of mind and efficient waste management. The kitchen has been beautifully renovated, boasting a fresh new floor, updated plumbing, and improved insulation, allowing you to indulge in culinary delights while enjoying the peace and tranquility of your surroundings. The appliances have been replaced with top-of-the-line models, ensuring your cooking experience is both seamless and enjoyable. The only thing that remains unchanged is the reliable stove, a testament to its timeless durability.


    Aesthetically, the entire property has received a fresh coat of paint, infusing the space with a beach-house vibe that will transport you to a coastal paradise. The sunlit side of the roof was re-shingled in 2020, further enhancing the property's curb appeal and safeguarding your investment for years to come. Step outside onto the new, spacious back deck, which serves as an idyllic vantage point to overlook the gently sloping land that stretches before you. Currently adorned with a small garden, the possibilities are endless should you choose to expand, cultivating a verdant oasis that can sustain your family's nourishment throughout the seasons.


    Location is everything, and this property offers the perfect blend of serenity and convenience. Situated within walking and biking distance to downtown Lunenburg, you'll have easy access to the vibrant heart of the community. Explore the historic streets lined with colorful homes, immerse yourself in the local culture, and partake in the numerous events and festivals that define this enchanting town. Lunenburg's charm knows no bounds, and you'll find yourself falling in love with its captivating character at every turn.


    In addition to the town's allure, Lunenburg offers a wealth of outdoor activities for the adventurous souls. Embark on breathtaking hikes along scenic trails, take a leisurely bike ride through picturesque landscapes, or indulge in water activities on the nearby sparkling lakes and rivers. Lunenburg truly embraces the beauty of nature and provides endless opportunities for exploration and rejuvenation.


    As you envision your life within the walls of 271 Green St, Lunenburg, you'll discover that this property is more than just a house; it's a sanctuary where dreams are nurtured, laughter echoes through the halls, and cherished moments are forged. The memories you create within these walls will become the tapestry of your family's story, woven with love, joy, and endless possibilities.


    Don't miss this opportunity to embrace the lifestyle you've always dreamed of. Rent 271 Green St today and embark on a new chapter of your life, where warmth, comfort, and adventure await. This is more than a rental property; it's a place to call home.




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